Wedding Coordination

We work with your wishes to make your dreams come true without you having to worry, always coordinating and taking care of every detail.

We provide advice on any subject related to your wedding and we take care of all the details so that everything is under control.

We are experts in creating the concept of decorating your event, we coordinate all the details before, during and after the big day.

Floral Art

Following the family tradition of more than 100 years of our founder, we work with seriousness, professionalism and originality that is required for the correct ambience of spaces, always transmitting emotions through flowers, in order to create a balanced composition, but the magical and original time.

We are responsible for the floral art and visual image of any event and space, we are passionate when it comes to working in the “art of the table”, transforming it into a special atmosphere creating unique atmospheres, and transmitting a floral feeling for each moment, space and place.

We are experts in the floral decoration of weddings, hotels, residences, restaurants, corporate events and social events.

Corporate Events

Passionate in the creation and organization of events depending on the business interests of your company or brand, in order to enjoy the event creating unique concepts.

No matter the size, audience, or product, we adapt to any requirement at the time of creating your event. Always taking care of every detail, involving: flowers, decoration, furniture and lighting.

Wedding Design

According to your wishes and comments we help you visualize how you want your wedding to look and then make it happen.

We help organize and translate your ideas into a reality, thread your event with personality and sophistication. We configure every detail, we stylize it and we take it to perfection.

We help you select the color palette, decoration, lighting and personalization of your wedding. We create a personalized style or theme, taking all the design elements together on your wedding day, always remembering that we like to create the WOW factor.

Ambiance y Lightning.

The lighting gives life to an event and we know the importance of a good lighting design for the success of it. With this, we create magical, unique and very special environments.

Regardless of the theme of your event, good lighting defines, exalts and frames the entire setting to successfully achieve a magical feeling throughout the event.

A good atmosphere is based on lighting design, team knowledge and creative and well-oriented use of all kinds of lights, lasers, etc. helping to establish the right atmosphere to highlight every detail of the event.

We have years of experience in the design of lighting for events, being a few years ago partners of an architectural lighting company, which gives us a very broad vision at the time of lighting any space. We play with tones, intensities and textures to create a magical atmosphere in your event.


Each of our furniture and accessories are pieces designed and designed to be part of the decoration of your event, we harmonize with the environment we want to create. We play with different materials, textures and sizes so that the furniture becomes part of the setting, the experience, the magic and your dream.

Our furniture can be the product of design or a form of decorative art.

If your event has a classic, modern style or follows a seasonal trend, we can offer you options that harmonize and highlight the decoration of your event.